Here, it's about opening your heart to the idea that you get one spin on this merry-go-round called life, so let's make it a good one!

Beyond the Backyard Blues (Blog)

act of noticing

The Act of Noticing

For years I had been in the habit of carrying a notebook. A catch-all where I collected bits and pieces of things that interested me -- quotes, observations, facts -- all … [Read More...]


When Failure is the Solution

It's been a long 5 weeks. Now, with the clarity that only comes from getting through a tough patch, I feel relieved to be in a quiet room alone with my thoughts and my … [Read More...]


Books and Memories

Books and memories...for me they go together in a way that elicits feelings of love. When I look back as far as my minds eye will take me, I can't see a period of time that … [Read More...]