Alone time

The solace I find in re-connecting with myself, whether it is found in the quiet of a slumbering house at dawn, a walk among the trees, or watching the sun slip behind the horizon, is beyond measure. It has been my experience, that when my mind stills, my heart opens up to all that is possible. It wasn’t always that […]

Birthday Wish

  When I was little every time we drove by a hay truck I would make a wish, eyes closed tight, breath held, words uttered to myself almost as if in prayer. I could not pass a dandelion, whose vibrant color had tuned to seed, without stooping to pick it, fill my lungs with hope, […]

You are not alone

  Even though decades have past since I left Derrick I still remember at a visceral level how alone I felt back then. The one thing I can say without hesitation to anyone suffering in an abusive relationship is this—you are not alone. Not only are you not alone, you are stronger than you feel. […]