Make a Splash

The alarm sounds, the mind wakes up and unless we are on vacation, our to-do list unfurls itself in our head. We roll out of bed, What do I have to do today?… The unfurled list follows us to the bathroom, joins us in the shower and then rides shotgun as we make our way through our day. […]

The Climb

If you have ever climbed a mountain, then you are no doubt familiar with what climbers refer to as a false summit.  That’s when, after having hiked for hours, you think your “destination” is within reach. There you are way above timberline, the views are expansive, close to the peak. Then, you step up over a […]

Be Happy

A few days ago I caught up on the phone with one of my oldest and dearest friends, her name is Jeanne. Not long into the call she shared that, although she wasn’t seriously hurt, she had been hit by a car while riding her bike. Even though I have told myself a thousand times over–she is safe […]

The Sound of Raindrops: Promise of a New Day

  The rain came somewhere in the night. And it’s melodic sound pulled me from bed earlier than usual, my mood considerably lighter than the day before. Yesterday wasn’t so hot. And as surprising as this may sound, I was (and am) totally OK with it. I have learned that it is far more important […]