Backseat Memories

One of my earliest childhood memories finds me nestled in the back of a wood paneled station wagon with my brothers and sister, crocheted afghans pulled to our necks, eyes fixed on the ceiling of the car and little padding for our backs. Above us, centered in the beam cast from streetlights and traveling cars, our hand-shadow puppets danced across a stage until […]

Two (Secret) San Diego Bridges

There is something magical about a bridge, the way it connects two areas, it’s as if it beckons for all who pass over to explore life on either side. On Wednesday my friend Ruth and I met in San Diego, then set out to discover two of the cities “secret” bridges, the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge and the Quince Street Bridge. My […]

Take a Hike

“I see nothing which I have seen before; A man is never lost, he has only been mislaid. Got to move on, got to travel, walk away my blues.” -Terry Russell Yesterday I took a hike. The trail I chose wended its way through a canyon which led to an enormous hill with a water tower […]