Empty Bowls

Too old to climb stairs, mornings begin with a welcome sigh of relief from our dog, Chinook; she sleeps at the base of them on her bed, and although I pretend her eager tail wag is a euphoric response to my arrival downstairs, truth is, she is all about her empty bowls. First order of business […]

Potato Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Yesterday I posted an essay called, Grandma’s Sweet Rolls, which really was more a story about Grandma than her rolls. Today I am giving you her potato cinnamon rolls recipe. Word of warning: this is not a recipe for calorie counters, health fanatics or sugar busters. Nor is it a recipe for individuals who possess zero […]

1 Lie, 5 Truths

Well that was fun. Running around visiting friends sites and guessing about their lies. And it was also fun to see friends pop up over here and guess about mine too. So — 1 Lie, 5 Truths — I bet you want to scan down and see if you were right or not. I get it. […]

Spy the Lie

Last year during the month of November and the insanity that was NaBloPoMo several of us played the game, 5 Truths and 1 Lie. This is where the writer (me) posts 6 fun facts on my blog, then the reader (you) has to see if they can “spy the lie.” We (Lois and I) liked it […]

Black Tie

Black tie events, some people love them, while others cringe at the thought. I for one love an excuse to dress up. The end to most days find me un-showered and still clothed in whatever I threw on to exercise. If not that, then in jeans, sporting a pony tail of unbrushed hair… I may order […]