Backseat Memories

One of my earliest childhood memories finds me nestled in the back of a wood-paneled station wagon with my brothers and sister, crocheted afghans pulled to our necks, eyes fixed on the ceiling of the car and little padding for our backs. Above us, centered in the beam cast from streetlights and traveling cars, our hand-shadow puppets danced across a stage until the […]

Colonoscopy, the Awful Must Do

To say that I avoided setting an appointment to have a colonoscopy, would be the grossest of understatements ever. But, like it or not, having a colonoscopy is the quintessential — awful-must-do — and yes, pun intended. Jimmy went first. I am a giver that way. I watched and observed as he drank the magical […]

Birthday Wish

  When I was little every time we drove by a hay truck I would make a wish, eyes closed tight, breath held, words uttered to myself almost as if in prayer. I could not pass a dandelion, whose vibrant color had tuned to seed, without stooping to pick it, fill my lungs with hope, […]