A Memorial Day Love Story

Because my mother is no longer alive to ask, I try to imagine the emotions that would have been swirling through her mind as she entered Penn Station on an unknown day in early January of 1944—fear, excitement—surely she must have experienced both. It was cold then, temperatures hovered around 27 degrees—and although I don’t […]

4 Ways to Shift Internal Chatter

I have found 4 ways to shift what I think of as “my internal chatter,” for the better. In keeping with the theme of “joy” in this months NaBloPoMo challenge, I thought I would share them with you today. Because sharing stuff that works brings me joy. We all have it — that little voice inside our head — […]

Getting Clean

What does “getting clean” mean to you? It could be as difficult as speaking a truth that has been hard to share or as complex as shaking yourself free from addiction. Regardless of what we are faced with, sometimes “getting clean,” is harder than it appears. Seven weeks ago my friend and fellow writer, Mary, announced to her Facebook friends that […]


When I think of home–I don’t think as much about place–as I do about feel. What does being at home in my mind feel like? For me it boils down to two things, safety and love. Even though I have had times in my life where I was not at home with myself, or safe, […]