Living Midlife in Full Swing

“Spoiler alert: we are all going to die!” -Anonymous

Then we better get busy living while we still can.

Living Midlife in full swing is…

Shrugging off the notion that aging happens gracefully. It’s about looking around you, then asking yourself…

What can I do today?

It’s about realizing how lucky you are when you get to greet another day. It’s about re-defining the so called downhill slope. It’s about making a difference in your life and the lives of others.

The way I see it is this; I’d rather plan a birthday party than a funeral any day of the week!

I created the idea of Beyond the Backyard Blues  as both a blog and a movement

I want to do more than show up in my life–I want to challenge myself to live my midlife in full swing daily. I want to connect with people like you, a person who refuses to sit on the sideline of their own life wishing they had dared to live more fully.

So what does it really mean to live Midlife in Full Swing?

It means living with intention by seeking out the extraordinary. It means finding and extending joy. It means shaking off the blues of aging by going past the boundaries created by the fence line of the proverbial backyard.

Would you like to join me?

Here–fears no longer have permission to call the shots. Here–being too busy is a thing of the past. Here–pursuing your passion is what it is all about.

Here, it’s about opening your heart to the idea that you get one spin on this merry-go-round called life, so let’s make it a good one!

Thank you for being here, my name is Elin, and I am the person behind the screen at Beyond the Backyard Blues. 

I want to connect with women who are interested in living boldly by trying new things.

If you are local to San Diego, join one of the Backyard Happenings–come on a hike, volunteer, learn to paraglide–we do it all.

Apart from Backyard Happenings you will find stories on my blog. There you will read my reflections on the countless changes that midlife has brought; the emptying nest, adult children, aging parents, losing parents, marriage, menopause, trying new things, facing fears head on…the list is endless.

Want to join a Backyard Happening or submit your story of how you live an inspired life? Great!

What are you waiting for?

Jump in with all your heart, join the conversation and live your life, midlife or otherwise, in full swing.