About Elin

There are the cursory professional lists of what an individual has “done” (and you can get that by viewing my media page or LinkedIn Profile if that is what you are seeking…) otherwise here are just a few snippets about me. 

Glance over the shoulder:

My best memories of childhood are centered on being the youngest of five children:

We had it great in so many ways, safe, nourished, loved by each other and our parents, and really I am grateful. In some ways we each had a different version of childhood because of the eleven year span between oldest and youngest—but mostly from where I sit, my childhood was wonderful.

These are my parents…or this is what they looked like when they first met. I love this picture because it was taken with a self timer and it is slightly out of focus…but really…you can see their happiness and love.


Somewhere in the Middle:

So my late teens weren’t so great—hence my memoir—but that is truly the experience that has led me to this incredible gift: making a difference in as many lives as I can.

The Present:

My family is what roots me, the love and bond we share are the basis of my strength.


We have an enormous extended family, some are in California while many others  are sprinkled across the United States—there is an abundance of love and for that we are each eternally grateful.

Thank you for being here. I welcome you to take part in the conversations and join me in my endeavor to Live Midlife in Full Swing.